Conflict Resolution

Ever the gentle peacemaker, you attempt to settle things amicably.

   "Mr Patrick,"  you begin, "I hear your constructive criticism and value your opinion, but have you considered the effect your words have on sensitive, young local artists just trying to make it in this tough world?"

He leans forward a little, "Whats that?"

   "You see, music comes in all different sounds and styles, including kinds you may not always like. But we're all working together on this thing called art. We should use our platforms to build each other up! After all, a wholesome environment helps us all do better, don't you think?"

He scratches his chin pensively, "Hmmm I guess I never thought about it like that..."

   "How about we put aside our differences and work together for a change? We'd be honored to collaborate on an edm/blues mashup!"

"A WHAT!?"


His eyes roll back as he enters a feverish state of frenzy.


"YOUR bleep bloops on OUR rustic, punk-blues, indie-rock project!?"

"Just stab me with a rusty spatula, and throw me into the McDonald's™ ball pit!" 

He's now frothing at the mouth.


"I'll DIE before I collab with a filthy DJ!"


He pees into your mailbox for about 30 seconds.

What do you do?