An Ancient Evil...

The old man leads you to a tavern at the edge of town, orders two mugs of ale and sits you down for a long diatribe.

"Many years ago, before the mountains formed, two ancient celestial powers from a faraway world settled on our planet. For centuries they kept to the shadows, content with quiet nature and rural atmosphere.

But as mankind grew and technological progress thrived, the old powers would not accept it.

'It was better in the old days!' they bemoaned, 'back before the humans made all of these foul things like LEDs, PC gaming and dubstep!'

And so they cast an evil spell, a hidden magical timebomb set to end humanity should their technology and music progress toward the future."

"But they were sloppy. Their black magic left clues to its existence; keys if you will. I have tracked these clues and I know just where the spell is hidden.

It is a perilous journey. A single page hidden within a dungeon cache, guarded by the Molten Mind Flayer, deep below the Iron Mountain, in the heart of the Razor Forest, on the Forbidden Island, just off the coast of Lake Michigan.

Every step along the way will be littered with traps and minions attempting to end your existence.

Then at last when you reach this page it will present a final challenge of wit;
A choice between two buttons. You must click the button on the right.

Ok I know that was a lot, but you're the only one I can trust to save us from the apocalypse."

Will you accept the quest to save humanity?