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Make Me Move – Single (2014)

Title : Make Me Move - Single
Release Date : March 7, 2014
Format : CD


You make me move

If there’s a place for me
You take my heart and leave
I know there’s no escape

Cause It’s just too surreal
The way you make me feel
I’ll face your tidal wave

Cause I just don’t know how I ever got this way
Holding on to every single little word you say
When you’re near I know I’ll never know just what to do
But you make, me you make me, you make me, you make me move

You make me move

Now here’s a class-A act riding up fast
The wind in your hair,
The beat in your chest

Fist in the air, resonate with a shout
We’ll shake this place like we shake the ground [now]

My one heartbreak
My one mistake
I let you get away

I’ll go back in time
I’ll make you mine
And Leave the world behind
Copyright 2014 Ben Williams