Until the End – Single (2014)

Title : Until the End - Single
Release Date : June 4, 2014
Format : Digital Download


Advancing into the night
The young boy journeys for his lady
Dreaming of life beyond fantasy

Slowly the years go by
And here we are longing for the ending
Don’t give up now, it won’t be long you’ll see

But will you wait for me?
I’ve been chasing your face now for all this time
But will you wait for me?
I’ve been hoping and praying you’ll reach my life and now
I can see your face in the mirror
And I can feel your heart getting nearer oh
But will you wait for me?
I’m believing and dreaming it won’t be far away

I write with the end in sight
I hope that this letter quickly finds you
My very best friend, I wish you were here

Born to love, cursed to wander
Free to live caged in wonder

So we write our lives
Through words on a page
The years; the fears
The distance we face

Please, hold on
We’ll make history
Together we’ll be
But will you wait for me?

I’ll light the flame
Cut through the rain
Our love is fame
No more pretend

We’re hand in hand
I am your man
You’ll be my queen
Until the end

Copyright 2014 Ben Williams