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2000 years from now in a distant galaxy the planet Method will undergo a catastrophic event.

Their fading sun will flicker and with an unstoppable supernova it will be no more.

However, three galactic lords escape. Using the Continuum Projector, they found themselves transported through space and time to this present Earth.

Their purpose now is spread hope and purpose to the people of Earth as they search for a way to return home.

Together they are known as Day Method.

Landing in Northeast Ohio, Day Method combines the Electronic Dance/DJ genre with a high-energy, full band rock show; breaking grounds previously untouched in modern music.
Through the use of dance and rock music, futuristic costumes, choreography and a state-of-the-art DMX Laser Light Show, Day Method guarantees an unforgettable performance while delivering a positive message.

After more than fifteen years in the industry, Day Method has carved their place in the music scene, performing from Cleveland to Los Angeles with major acts such as Switchfoot, Family Force 5, Matthew West and Twenty One Pilots.

They have performed at a number of major events and music festivals including three appearances at the nationally acclaimed Alive Festival (from 2009-2011), The Fest (2012), Awaken Festival (2013) and three headlining appearances at the Medina Fireworks Festival in July 2012, 2013 and 2014.

The band’s debut album “Beautiful” was released independently in July 2011. The album includes their hit single “Beautiful”, a high-energy dance serenade, reaching out to restore life in youth struggling with self-worth.
Many industry figures praised the album, including John Gorman (of WMMS and Gorman Media) saying Beautiful “delivers optimistic and innovative messages ingeniously wrapped in an energetic ball of diverse musical styles.”

Their sophomore album "On My Mind” was released in the summer of 2013. The stylistic shift in this second album marked the band’s growing expansion into the electronic/hardcore genre known as “dubstep”, one of the fastest spreading genres both in the US and around the world.
Singles such as “8-Bit Kingdom“ and “Challenge Accepted” received radical audience feedback with many drawing comparisons to the dubstep legend Skrillex.

Their third album “Silence Departed", further extended their reach into EDM, containing five brand new songs along with remastered recordings of singles Beautiful and Battleground, released on July 5th 2015.

In 2014, Day Method made waves by becoming one of the only independent artists to perform with their own fully-automated DMX Laser Light Show. Their light show is now included at any indoor or nighttime concert.

In 2015-2018, Day Method spent three years performing in the Los Angeles music scene where they produced two music videos for their singles “Silence Departed” and “Expectations”.

Recently, Day Method surged back on to the scene with their latest release "Cosmic Sands" in May 2021. The album features six new original songs along with unique covers for Twenty One Pilot's "Heathens" and Toto's "Africa". The album is available on streaming and online music stores worldwide.

They continue to write and perform in Northeast Ohio. You never know what will come next!

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