You correctly click the button on the right labelled
"Click the Button on the Left"


You can't help but smirk at how easily you solved the final challenge.
(or pressed the back button on your browser because you got it wrong the first time)

Light floods into the valley as the cursed Black page vaporizes before your eyes.


A Phoenix lands at your feet, ready to carry you home.


"A great evil has been defeated today. The world is forever in your debt," he says.

As he carries you home, the two of you leave trails of flames in the sky







Without fanfare, you return to your regular sci-fi life.
No one knows of the unspeakable evil you vanquished to save them







But that's okay. You've learned to take joy in the simple things; the satisfaction in knowing that when evil showed it's face, you kicked it's button

As you land safely in your yard, the old man welcomes you with a smile.

"You did it, you brilliant bastard! I knew you would!"




 "The world may not know what you did, but I do...

...I do!"
He says with tears in his eyes as he grabs you in a fierce embrace.




Somehow in this moment, thats all that matters.


The two of you celebrate under the stars with an ale



And dubstep






The phoenix does too, I guess