Play Ball!

"You got it champ!"

Sean says as the five of you saunter out onto the court.




"Pickleball out!"

You shout, serving a mean ball into your opponents' court.

Jeff makes a dive for it, but the ball zips right past; inches away from his ball-hitter.

"I've never seen someone pickle so hard before!"

Jeff says, impressed at how well you just pickled the ball.

You've won round one which means you have one picklepoint on the board.

Sean asks if he can switch to your team,

"You didn't say you were this good at pickling!"

He opines, on the verge of tears.

"Hey, don't worry man," you reassure him,

"Your pickle power will be just as good as mine in no time!"

"Do you really think so?" he sniffles.


The five of you join hands together and sing the well-known Pickleball International Anthem:

(Press play and sing along at home)

We pledge our hearts to the pickleball

It keeps us safe and warm

If any other ball tried to steal my juice

Our pickle would show scorn


Pickle over here! Pickle over there!

The Ó̴̡̢̧͉̭̜̗̆̔͒͜r̴̯̭̖̓͊̓b consumes us all

Be a dainty lad and do not impair

Our precious pickleball