Not So Fast

As you approach the room, a laser defense grid springs to life, blocking your entry.

That doesn't make any sense!

You tell yourself.

I have full admin access!

The computer defense system seems to think otherwise.



The laser nodes begin to refocus at your location.

Fortunately you know just what to do...


The best way to fight lasers is with more lasers

and boy did you come prepared!

Green laser beams burst out from your futuristic glove,

colliding with each of the computer's defense nodes.

The defense system is fully vaporized and encoded.

Everything hit by your beam is stored inside the glove,
perfectly digitized should you want to restore it later.

Sometimes it pays to have the latest technology.

The computer reluctantly allows your entry, but as you step through the door, you don't believe your eyes...

Welcome to Digital Archive Room #38,153,323,871,562.

Planet-scale backup.

Here inside the archives was a complete digital copy of your entire planet, one year before its destruction.

Your guide greets you at the door.

"Welcome, Spectrum!

We've been expecting you for quite some time.

At last we can begin the plan."

Looks like pickleball can wait till tomorrow.